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What's New! - SURE TO GROW MEDIA - Its HERE!

Sure To Grow

We are very excited to announce that Sure to Grow has arrived and is available NOW from Accent Hydroponics.!

Sure To Grow is a polymer media that has superb water retention capacity, tremendous aeration and is suitable for use in a wide variety of indoor gardening systems.

Sure To Grow is inert, pH neutral and sterile. It does not shed or breakdown in your system nor does it impart anything to your hydroponic crops. It also weighs as little as 1/20th of other conventional hydroponic media, so its great if you do not like lugging heavy bags of media around!

Feel free to watch this introductory YouTube video that explains a little bit about the Sure To Grow Range and its benefits

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What's New! - GT FOLIAR


BRAND NEW to the Market and first on the East Coast with Accent, is this exciting new product from Growth Technology, GT FOLIAR.

Containing a complete and balanced mineral profile, 20 different types of amino acids, 3 types of kelp, fulvic acid, silicon and a wetting agent, GT-FOLIAR is a ready to use foliar solution that capitalises on the undisputed benefits of foliar feeding, putting your favourite plant on the fast track to explosive growth with bigger, better yields!

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ROOT!T Windowsill Propagator

This great idea from the team that brought you ROOT!T plugs and Propagation Gels, the ROOT!T Window sill Propagator is a great way to start plants utilising natural sunlight available at a suitable window!

Designed to fit perfectly onto a windowsill, with leaf design vents, not only does it look good it is a great way to successfully grow indoors. Included with the FishPlant ROOT!T Windowsill propagator is ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel and ROOT!T First Feed.

Another exciting addition to the Accent Range of products, click BUY NOW to purchase in our online store!








 WHAT'S NEW! LiteCheck Digital Light Intensity Tester!


Plants have an optimal intensity of light. The process of photosynthesis is maximised and plant growth is greatest at this optimal intensity. If the level of light is less, growth is reduced. In a typical plant, light level of 4000 Lux is just enough for the rate of photosynthesis to equal the rate of respiration. This is called the light compensation point. At this intensity, there is no net growth, but the plant can survive. Therefore, checking the light intensity is important for proper plant growth. The control of light intensity allows the grower to achieve the desired growth in plants. Using this meter, the user can control the growth of house plants by giving just enough intensity so leaves will not be overgrown. On the other hand, outdoor plants require intensity higher than the minimum requirements for the plants to flower and bear fruit. Optimal growth is obtained with regular checks and charting of light intensity in different seasons, so growers can make adjustments with correct lighting or shading.



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