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$ 1,099.00


This is a great system to get yourself growing. It’s not too complicated and uses a simple hand watering method where you can grow 5 plants simply and easily. Consisting of a PowerHouse 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 Metre Premium Quality Grow tent, complete with features like Diamond Reflective Mylar interior, Front and side access panels, filter hangers, floor liners and accessory pouch to name a few. Also included is a Carbon Filter using the highest grade Australian Black Carbon to remove any unnecessary odours, plus inlet and outlet fans complete with ducting! For your plants we provide five Standard 300MM Pots and Saucers with RHP Crop Co-Co Media, reputed as one of the finest Coco medias around today. Lighting is suppled via a Cooltube complete with outer powder coated reflector and a 600 Watt Power Plant Ballast Box plus HPS High Output Lamp and digital timer. To Control PH we have thrown in an Essentials PH Meter with both PH up and down 250 mls adjusting solutions. To top things off all nutrients and additives from Flairform are supplied in a great starter kit pack, including of a great guide book to get your growing right up to speed from day one. Normally valued at over $1270.00 this bundle is great value at the all inclusive price of $1099.00.